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Freedom. Trust. Innovation.


Founded by clinicians for clinicians to provide secure, high-quality hosted and on-site EMR solutions.

Open OSP puts the future of healthcare in the hands of clinicians and patients.

Our experts have years of technical expertise and focus on delivering agile, responsive customer support.

Open OSP Cooperative's profits are directly invested in user-driven software development and service improvements.

The Open OSP team has deep roots in user driven EMR development and innovation. 

Dr. David Chan (Prof Emeritus McMaster Family Medicine) is the visionary founder of  OSCAR &  founding member of Open OSP.

Joseph Dal Molin (Open OSP Board President) was a founding director of OSCAR EMR.


David Chan  created  OSCAR (Open Source Clinical Application Resource) and has devoted the past 25 years to developing Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) solutions to enhance patient care. His vision laid the foundation for McMaster’s Department of Family Medicine to secure funding from the Ontario government, via the Primary Care Reform IT Incentive grant, to develop the first version of OSCAR. The first release of the OSCAR McMaster software occurred on April 15, 2002, and a free public open source version 1.0  was released on November 17, 2002.

Joseph Dal Molin, in collaboration with Dr. Chan, laid the foundation for OSCAR and its community by developing OSCAR’s initial business plan and open source strategy for McMaster's Department of Family Medicine


In 2019, Dal Molin and Chan came together with members of the EMR user community to form Open OSP Service Cooperative.